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No contracts, no surprise fees. Huge discount for bulk orders.

4G Mobile Proxy

From 60€
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • API Access
  • No Rotation Cooldowns
  • Multiple ISPs
  • Cancel Anytime
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Residential Proxy

4€ / GB
  • Flexible rotation options
  • Sticky sessions
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Global coverage
  • No Expiry
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Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxies

From web scraping and SEO optimization to competitor research and social media management, our mobile 4G proxies greatly reduce any risk of blocks thanks to highly trusted IP addresses from a genuine cellular network. With instant IP change or automatic rotation, every 4G proxy is reserved exclusively for you.

Select your location of interest and enjoy unlimited traffic with no throttling and up to 100 Mbps speeds. Analyze search engine results, scrape valuable data, and manage your social media presence completely anonymously. Thanks to our industry-leading hardware and security, we guarantee stable and secure connections you can rely on.

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  • Instant IP Change

    Use our dashboard, or do a basic API change request. The process is easy and enables our users to access new IP addresses instantly.

  • Truly Unlimited

    Use as many GBs as you want on each port you have purchased. Our servers are based on 4G LTE networks that do not employ throttling or bandwidth limits.

  • Dedicated

    Fundamentally, the process is no different than if you were to rent your very own mobile phone with a particular SIM card.

100% Genuine Residential Proxies

Our residential proxy network consists of real IP addresses from real users, making sure you never get detected or blocked. There’s no sharing of any kind, so your proxy is available only to you. Pick between sticky (up to 24 hours) or rotating proxies and enjoy 99.9% uptime and a continuously growing global IP pool.

Residential proxies are ideal for reliable data scraping because they’re indistinguishable from organic visitors. We created our own network of residential proxies with genuine users all over the world. Every participant can enter or leave the pool as they wish, and they’re all compensated for their resources.

FROM 4€ / GB
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  • Auto-Rotate

    Toggle automatically and replace your residential IP proxy at the set intervals. Specify how often you wish to auto-rotate: every 1, 10, or 30 minutes.

  • Sticky sessions

    You can stick with the same residential proxy for as long as you want (up to 24 hours max).

  • Unlimited Concurrent sessions

    No limits and restrictions – send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.

Top locations

United states 341,385 Numbers of IPs
Canada 219,846 Numbers of IPs
Germany 316,824 Numbers of IPs
Russia 287,616 Numbers of IPs
United Kingdom 243,842 Numbers of IPs
France 219,315 Numbers of IPs
Australia 213,548 Numbers of IPs
  • United states
    341,385 IPs
  • Germany
    316, 824 IPs
  • Russia
    287,616 IPs
  • United Kingdom
    243,842 IPs
  • France
    219,315 IPs
  • Canada
    219,846 IPs
  • Australia
    213,548 IPs

What clients say about our services

For us, reliability and consistency are very important. Proximy has never let us down in that respect - we've got zero downtime over the past year with the speeds available only at the highest quality proxy providers.

Steve Daley
Back-end Developer at LUC.ID

Best proxy service, no questions asked. Came in, received all the info needed, topped up my account, purchased the proxy. Took roughly 15 minutes to set it all up.

Charli Rayner
Freelance developer

We have replaced our old proxies infrastructure with the proxies provided by Proximy. The service is very fast and reliable. We will definitely use their services with our future projects.

Shaun Mcdaniel
Back-end Developer at SERPSTACK

Our experience with Proximy has been great. The API is well documented and the dashboard provided allowed us to get started quickly. Would recommend these guys in a heartbeat.

Erica Byrne
Data Analyst at DATANCE

Frequently asked questions

What locations are available?

Our residential proxies are distributed all over the world. Location can be easily chosen using the dashboard. Dedicated mobile proxies are currently available in two countries that have an unexhausted IP pool - Lithuania and Italy.

Is there a proxy setup time?

Residential proxies are delivered instantly. Mobile proxies can take up to 12 hours to deliver.

Can I get a free trial?

We charge small fee trials.

How many connections can I use on 1 port?

There is no limit on threads or connections. Obviously, the more you load onto 1 proxy ― the slower it will become, so it is up to our customers to determine what works best for their use.

Is it possible to ask for a refund?

The only reasons for a refund are when you are unable to connect to the proxy with our support's help in 3 days or we are unable to deliver the service for you anymore. To be fair, no other exceptions are made.

How frequently can I change the IP?

Depending on your service you can do an IP change action on our dashboard or with an API call as many times as you want without any cooldown or delays.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept any prepaid, debit, or credit cards. We also accept cryptocurrency but you have to contact support first.