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Mastering Twitter Data Extraction: The Quick and Simple Guide to Building Your Own Scraper after the July 2023 Update

Think back to July 2023. Tech titan Elon Musk, the visionary force behind SpaceX and Tesla, decided to shake things up by throwing a privacy blanket over Twitter. Suddenly, every tweet was tucked behind a login wall, only visible to those logged into a bona fide account.

This move wasn't just a curveball—it changed the entire playing field, placing a premium on authenticity and security in the Twitterverse. Now, if you're looking to tap into the pulse of Twitter for market research, sentiment analysis, or other data-driven purposes, you'll need to rethink your strategy.

Fear not! You won't have to navigate this new terrain alone. We're here to guide you through it. You'll need to equip yourself with high-quality Twitter accounts, fast and reliable mobile proxies, and a scraper that's seamlessly interwoven with these components.

Are you ready to jump headfirst into this brave new Twitter world? With our guide, we'll arm you with the fastest and easiest methods to overcome Musk's Twitter fortress and keep you in the loop. Let's embark on this exciting journey of advanced Twitter data extraction, designed specifically to master the new Twitter framework. Buckle up!

Chapter 1: Acquiring Twitter Login Cookies for Seamless Access

When it comes to delving into the world of Twitter data mining, getting your hands on login cookies is the golden ticket. Picture these cookies as your personal VIP pass to the buzzing hub of Twitter content. But how do you snag one of these passes? Well, you've got two routes you can take, and each has its unique blend of trials and triumphs. One path is the DIY route. Here, you're creating your Twitter accounts from scratch. It's doable, but let's be real, it's also a time-eater that might leave you questioning your life choices. Once you've got your accounts set up, you'll have to start the cookie hunt. Login to each account you've made using the same proxies you used for creation, then unleash a Chrome extension to mine out those precious login cookies. It's hands-on and a tad complicated, but some folks enjoy a good challenge.

However, if you're more into saving time and steering clear of unnecessary complexities, we've got the perfect alternative lined up. Welcome to the 'ready-to-go' option - purchasing pre-made login cookies from us. We've run the gauntlet of account creation and cookie extraction so that you don't have to. Our high-quality proxies have been put to work to create a plethora of Twitter accounts, and the corresponding cookies are ripe for the picking. Take this route, and you'll bypass the tech-labyrinth of manual account creation and cookie mining.

Interested in purchasing cookies from us? We're ready to fulfill orders through webchat or telegram at https://t.me/oxygateIO

Pondering these choices, it's clear that buying the login cookies directly from us takes the crown. It's the epitome of efficiency, the beacon of convenience, and the friend of time-savers. Leave the technical rigmarole of account creation and cookie extraction in our hands, freeing you up to focus on the heart of your project: mining data and making sense of it. This decision isn't just about trading cash for cookies; it's about backing the best horse in the race to success for your project. Viewed through this lens, the choice is crystal clear: bagging our ready-made login cookies is the ace move for anyone serious about smooth, efficient, and effective Twitter data mining.

Chapter 2: Efficiently Scraping Twitter Data Using Login Cookies

When you're venturing into the world of Twitter data scraping, our purchased login cookies are the trusty sidekick that makes the journey smoother. However, there's more to this duo than just the cookies. Enter mobile proxies - the unsung heroes that play a vital role in making your data scraping successful.

Every set of login cookies you purchase from us comes with a mini-guide - information about the mobile proxy location used to create them. Why is this little nugget so important? Well, it helps keep things on the straight and narrow, ensuring consistency and authenticity when using the cookies for data scraping.

As for mobile proxies, you've got two roads to explore. You could go treasure hunting for mobile proxies elsewhere that align with your purchased cookies' locations. Or, you can keep things tidy and purchase the same location mobile proxies directly from us. For your convenience, check our pricing here: https://proximy.io/#pricing. Between us, we can't help but root for the second option. Buying mobile proxies from us is like getting a compatibility guarantee with your login cookies, helping you dodge any inconsistencies or 'red flags' that could disrupt your data scraping journey. Plus, our mobile proxies are top-notch, designed for smooth sailing all the way.

A word of advice, though - don't try to juggle more than 10 login cookies with one mobile proxy. That's a sure-fire way to land a fast ban on your cookie. As you grow your scraping operation, remember to also expand your mobile proxy resources. It's all about keeping things balanced.

With your login cookies and matching mobile proxies ready, you're all set to start setting up your scraping environment.

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Simple Python Scraping Environment and Executing Your First Scrape Request

1. Create a Python file:
Start by creating a new file named example.py in a suitable directory on your local machine.

2. Add the code:
Copy our example code from https://github.com/proximyIO/twitter-scraping into your newly created example.py file.

3. Install undetected_chromedriver:
In order to run the script, you'll need to install undetected_chromedriver. This can be found at this URL: https://github.com/ultrafunkamsterdam/undetected-chromedriver. Follow the instructions there to install it. You can also install it using pip as follows:
pip install undetected-chromedriver
Before doing this, please ensure that you have Python and pip installed on your system.

4. Run the script:
With undetected_chromedriver installed and your Python script ready, you can now execute the script. Open a terminal window, navigate to the directory where you saved example.py, and type the following command to run it:
python3 example.py
Please note, before running the script, make sure to replace 'MOBILE_PROXY_IP', 'MOBILE_PROXY_PORT', 'MOBILE_PROXY_USERNAME', and 'MOBILE_PROXY_PASSWORD' with your actual mobile proxy details, and have your login cookie in cookies.json file ready.

That's it! Your Python script should now be up and running, scraping Twitter data using your purchased login cookies and mobile proxy. Happy data hunting!