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Among many of its industry leading services, one of the aspects of our offerings that has gained Proximy such a loyal customer base is the fact that our platform leverages the benefits of residential proxies. By offering over one million 4G residential IP’s to our clients, based throughout Lithuania and Italy combined, Proximy is able to provide its clients with tier one country security and unlimited bandwidth. Lithuania and Italy have long since been known for their stable server infrastructure and network reliability, which is why Proximy has made a strategic investment in building a hardware infrastructure in these two countries.

While the benefits of utilizing residential proxies may be apparent to those who are already familiar with the mobile proxy API landscape, we understand that many of our potential future clients may not be as well versed in what residential proxies are, and the unique characteristics that they possess.

The use of residential proxies enables users to choose a specific location, whether that be a country, city, or even mobile carrier, from which to base their IP from. Externally, the use of a residential proxy simply resembles the same user behaviour as a real user in the predetermined location. Internally, the use of residential proxies enable the user to conduct their online business with privacy, security, and anonymity from digital attacks on privacy and personal data.

Proximy has built an exceptional platform that currently leverages access to over four million residential mobile proxy API’s, each being run on the world’s most reliable and relied upon 4G networks. Our platform even enables our users to utilize flexible targeting by country, city, and even mobile carrier to best suit their needs.

Our residential proxies have helped countless customers grow their operation and realized unimaginable success in their given endeavors.

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